Tax Rates

We are a Canadian based company with market in North America. At current stage, we only collect tax for Canadian clients.  Clients in the United States are not charged Canadian or Provincial tax. The table below shows the government tax rates used for our Canadian clients:


Country Code Provincial Code Rate % Tax Name
CA ON  13 HST (13%)
CA NL  13 HST (13%)
CA NB  13 HST (13%)
CA PE  14 HST (14%)
CA NS  15 HST (15%)
CA AB   5 GST (5%)
CA BC   5 GST 5%)
CA NT   5 GST (5%)
CA NU   5 GST (5%)
CA YT   5 GST (5%)
CA SK   5 GST (5%)
CA MB 5 GST (5%
CA QC   5 GST (5%)


Please note that shipping rates are also included in the tax calculation.

For example: Client from ON


Goods:                                             $100.00 CAD

Shipping:                                           $10.00 CAD

Total Amount:                                  $110.00 CAD

Tax Rate (13%): ($110.00×13%)          $14.30 CAD

Total to pay:                      $124.30 CAD


If you still have questions concerning the calculation of tax rates, please contact us: