Where and How to Buy Cheap Embroidery Hoops?

embroidery machine hoop

What’s embroidery machine hoop?
Embroidery machine hoop is distinguished from hand embroidery hoop. Hand embroidery hoop is pretty straightforward. It’s usually made by wood as showed below. It’s also called embroidery rings.
embroidery rings
Embroidery machine hoop, also called tubular hoop, is mostly used for an industrial embroidery machine. It’s generally made by plastic and with two metal arms.
embroidery machine hoop

No matter you are looking for a hand embroidery hoop or embroidery machine hoop, the major function of a hoop is used to hold the fabric taut which will allow the stitches to have an even tension, to make beautiful embroidery project.

Ok, let’s mainly focus on embroidery machine hoop

How to choose embroidery machine hoop?

First, you should know your machine brand because the different brand machine requires different hoops. In the current market, most popular brand machines include Toyota, Tajima, Happy, Barudan, SWF and Melco.

Second, measure your hoop arms spacing (the total width). Please see the image below:

hoop arm spacing
The arm spacing according to different brand varies among 36cm, 40cm, 45cm and 50cm. Even in the same brand machine, the width can be different.

For example, SWF embroidery machine has two arms spacing , 40cm and 50cm. You can measure the arm spacing by your own if you don’t know it or check with your machine provider.

Third, how to choose a hoop size? When we talk about a hoop size, we also refer to an embroidery size or embroidery area. Please see the image below:
embroidery size

Often to say, the closer to the design’s size a hoop’s embroidery area is, the better the hoop can help achieve the perfect stitching result. Imaging, if you use a big hoop to make a small design, It will make the whole stitching work puckering and loosing.

Normally, when you upload the digitized design to your machine, your machine will tell you the approximate size automatically.

Here is a list of Sunway embroidery hoop size for your reference.

Hoops’ shape: round, square, rectangular

Hoop’s size:

  • Round: 9cm(3.5”), 12cm(5”), 15cm(6”), 18cm(7”),21cm(8.5”)
  • Square: 30cm (11inch)
  • Rectangular: 25cmx15cm(9.5”x6”), 35cmx15cm (12″x6″), 44cm x 17cm (17″ x7″), 43cm x 23cm (16.5″ x9″), 40cmx38cm (16″x14″), 46mx30cm (18″x 12″), 43cmx32cm (16.5″x13″)

Fits: Tajima, Toyota, Barudan, Happy, Swf

Where to buy cheap EMB hoops?

Many embroiders told us that they scared by the expensive cost of the hoops offered by their original brand machine provider. That’s why we are here to help. Sunway designs and makes a wide selection of replacement embroidery machine hoops at a most affordable price. It has helped thousands of embroiders save money and time.

How to order hoops from us?

You can simply visit our website at http://www.sunwayembroidery.com/product-category/embroidery-machine-hoops/. or send us a quick message at sunwayembroidery@gmail.com

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