What You Need to Know When Order Embroidery Hoops?

No matter which embroidery machines you own, you will need to know three things when you buy an embroidery machine hoop. There are hoop sizes, hoop length and the sewing field provided with your digitizing file.

So, how do you know the three parameters?  We are going to explain to you today.

Hoop Size

Hoop size is the plastic / wooden frame which is used to hold the fabric taut. Hoop sizes are available in round, square as well as rectangular. The most common embroidery hoop sizes are 4”x 4”, 5”x7”, 6”x 6”, 8”x 12”.

Hoop sizes can be measured in millimeters, inch and centimeters based on different suppliers. The image below shows you how to measure a hoop size.



Sewing Field / Embroidery Area

The sewing field is the area programmed into a machine’s software, beyond that which  is not allowed to sew. Sewing field is usually smaller than the hoop size. How much smaller will be depended on the machine you use.

Usually, your embroidery digitizing professional will give you some ideas or recommendations of a hoop size and sewing field for the design.


If the sewing field over the hoop size, most of embroidery machines will refuse to sew. You will have to reduce the digitizing file size or spilt the design. To spilt a design is generally not a good way.

Hoop Length

Hoop length refers to the total length of a hoop including the right and left arms. You can see the image below to know the hoop length measurement.


For commercial embroidery machines, the hoop’s length varies among different brands. We made a brief list of different length for different machine for your reference.

  • Tajima embroidery machine: usually 36cm (11”)
  • Happy: usually 36cm (11”)
  • Brother: usually 36cm (11”)
  • Burudan: usually 36cm (11”)
  • SWF: 40cm (15.7″), 45cm (17.7″), 50cm (19.7″)
  • Melco Amaya: 40cm (15.7″), 45cm (17.7″)

So, when you buy embroidery machine hoops, you will need to tell your vendor your existing hoop size, especially when you used a SWF embroidery machine , your existing hoop length as well as your machine brand so that they can set up the right metal arms for you.

Any questions? Please leave your feedback below. We will generally get back to you in 24 hours.

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