Quick Tips to Do 3D Puffy Embroidery

3d embroidery effect


Are you new to 3d puffy foam embroidery? Below is some general information and quick tips to get you started successfully.

What is 3d embroidery?

3d embroidery uses puffy foam backing to make a logo or a design stand out. It makes a greater impression of your brand. See the image attached.


What you need:

To begin, you need to get a digitizing file especially made to produce the best puffy embroidery. If you need to get your logo digitized first, you can find professional digitizing services on line.

Second, have 3D puffy foam ready in the right size and thickness. For example, if you want to make a 2”x2” 3D effect on a hat, use a  3”x3” 3D puffy foampieceto do the job.  The thicker the puffy foam is, the greater the 3D effect. For most beginners, a 2-3mm thickness is most commonly used. If you want to create a greater 3D effect,try a 4-6mm thickness, after you gain experience. The image  below shows the 3D effect created by using different thicknesses.


Colours of Puffy Foam:

The color of puffy foam does not really matter. If you don’t have the exact puffy foam color to match theembroidery threadcolour,choose a close colour. Generally speaking, white and black puffy foam are the most popular puffy foam colours to use with light and dark coloured 3-D machine embroidery respectively.


Some Rules:

You are almost ready to stitch, but before you begin, have a look at the 3 rules below:

  • Please run your machine speed slower than the normal speed.
  • Pleaseuse ballpoint needles which will have big holes on the fabric.
  • Please test a sample first before you apply the 3D embroidery on your dedicated material.


Some Hints:

Remember, it’s generally hard to get a good result on the first try, but once you have some experience, you will be successful.

There is no single rule for doing embroidery because everyone’s machines, threads, digitizing files, and bobbins are somewhat different. Keep experimenting and you will eventually get your expected result.

Finally, when you finished the job, you may find puffy foam on the thread. Use a heat gun or a hair dryer to shrink the additional puffyfoam. To avoid burning or your embroidery thread or material watch the temperature setting and the time you heat the puffy foam.


If you have any difficulty finding the right 3D embroidery puffy foam at good price, try Sunway 3D puffy foams. They are used by many commercial embroiders.

Did these quick tips help you?  Please give us your valuable feedback and suggestions here.

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