What You Need to Know When Order Embroidery Hoops?

No matter which embroidery machines you own, you will need to know three things when you buy an embroidery machine hoop. There are hoop sizes, hoop length and the sewing field provided with your digitizing file. So, how do you know the three parameters?  We are going to explain to you today. Hoop Size Hoop size is […]

Where and How to Buy Cheap Embroidery Hoops?

embroidery machine hoop

What’s embroidery machine hoop? Embroidery machine hoop is distinguished from hand embroidery hoop. Hand embroidery hoop is pretty straightforward. It’s usually made by wood as showed below. It’s also called embroidery rings. Embroidery machine hoop, also called tubular hoop, is mostly used for an industrial embroidery machine. It’s generally made by plastic and with two […]

How to Choose Needle sizes for Your Embroidery Machine?

embroidery needle

Hard to find the right needle size for your embroidery machine? Besides checking your machine needle requirements, here is a brief guide to help you to choose the right needle.Let’s begin. What is an embroidery machine needle? Embroidery machine needles are specially designed for use on embroidery machines. Itgenerally works with rayon and polyester embroidery threads. […]

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